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European Standards for Engineered Wood Products

This online resource is a starting point to over 50 of the main individual standards relating to wood-based products in Europe.

When specifying APA products, learn more about selecting the right standard for your application; or check the main standards for plywood, OSB and LVLEN 13986: 2004+A1: 2015 is the main overall standard for wood-based panels used in construction and it has been recently updated.

The EU conducts a formal review of all standards at least once every five years to ensure they reflect current practice and adhere to the latest legal requirements.  APA provides a regular update on new wood-based standards or when any are under review.

Europe classifies product by their use (not their properties)

European Standards (ENs) are primarily performance based i.e. the wood-based products are classified in terms of their intended end use rather just classified according to their properties. They cover harmonised product standards which in turn are supported by other European standards dealing with methods of testing. They are also used by other countries outside the European Union.

National Standards Bodies in each of the EU member states publish these standards in their own language and pre-fix the EN notation with a two letter country code e.g. BS EN standing for British Standard European Norm.