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Construction Products Regulation: Overview

Placing Declarations of Performance (DoP) Info on websites

The 2013 Construction Products Regulation (CPR) sets down new legal responsibilities for manufacturers, importers and suppliers.  It is now mandatory for all wood-based products to be CE marked. 

The CPR requires a manufacturer to produce an official Declaration of Performance (DoP) about a specific product and the performance characteristics for its intended end-use.

DoPs can now be made available by manufacturers on their website . See APA’s guide to how to do this.  The EU has also introduced greater flexibility when drawing up a DoP. Learn more:  FAQ Annex III to CPR 28.5.2014.

The CPR has introduced seven ‘Basic Requirements for Construction Works’ (BRCW), two of which define relevant product-specific information involving the life-cycle approach.  The greatest environmental impact is expected from the new BRCW No. 7, which deals with the sustainable use of natural resources, and the expansion of BRCW No. 3 to cover the reduction of life-cycle impacts of greenhouse gases.

A new system to assess product conformity has been introduced, with the six categories of the Attestation of Conformity replaced by the ‘Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance’ (AVCP) with five new categories.

  • Replaced: Attestation of Conformity (AoC) = 1+,  1,  2+,  2 (not relevant to timber ¹),  3 & 4 systems.
  • New: Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP) = 1+,  1,  2+,  3 & 4 systems.
  • Product marked under AVCP system CE 2+ for structural use can also be used for non-structural applications.
  • However, products marked under AVCP system CE 4 can only be used for non-structural applications.
  • Specific APA Member mills supply products carrying CE marking under
    • AVCP CE 2+ (structural) and
    • CE 4 (non-structural).

For further information, refer to the guide jointly prepared by the Construction Products Association, British Board of Agrément, British Standards Institution and the Building Research Establishment.

¹ this category has not been included in the new AVCP as hardly ever used and not relevant to any timber products.