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Concrete Forming Case Studies

Overlaid Plywood FormsHistorical Stadium Meets Modern Standards with Overlaid Plywood Forms

A massive renovation project on the University of California, Berkeley campus brought the historic California Memorial Stadium up to modern standards.

Built in 1923, the aging facility required renovations and a seismic retrofit to reduce seismic risk while maintaining the architecture and character of the celebrated structure. The $321-million project included massive amounts of concrete formed with high and medium density overlaid plywood.

Gravity ArchGravity Arch Supports San Diego Library

The 504,000-square-foot library in San Diego, California features a concrete gravity arch that is 46-feet tall, 70-feet wide at the base, and tapers to 37-feet wide at the top, with a total volume of 194 cubic yards. Built in three lifts utilizing a combination of Peri Vario wall forms, GRV radius forms, and multi-flex shoring, the soaring arch supports each of the 4th through 8th floor slabs directly above it.

To create the quilted random plywood pattern, the contractor coordinated every seam and tie location.  All 232 plywood panels were precut, numbered, and organized in order of assembly, and finally installed on the forms in the order and orientation specified on the concrete shop drawings. All column, wall, and beam forms were double-sheeted with 3/4-inch plywood substrates and 3/4-inch plywood with a film fascia.

Every column form and most of the other architectural formwork were back-screwed, mitred whenever possible, and installed with a minimal use of ties (5-foot spacing vertically, and 4-foot spacing horizontally).