What is the difference between Structural 1 and Exposure 1?

Exposure 1 is a glue bond classification.  It uses the same 100% waterproof glue as exterior panels and refers to a panel’s durability when long delays in construction are expected or when facing high moisture content. For plywood, see  https://apawood-europe.org/products-trademarks/plywood/trademarks/glue-bond/.  For OSB:  https://apawood-europe.org/products-trademarks/osb/trademarks/exposure-durability-classification/

Structural 1 refers to a panel’s superior performance characteristics.  For OSB, see https://apawood-europe.org/products-trademarks/osb/comparable-performance-requirements/

For Structural 1 plywood,  all panels have special improved veneer grades and if manufactured to the US PS1 standard, the veneer grades will be species with a Group 1 strength classification.  See group classification of species.


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