EAD for I-joists

APA Guidelines EAD for I-joists

European Assessment Document (EAD)

Each construction product used in the UK and EU requires a CE Mark or UKCA and must first be independently assessed before this mark of conformity is granted. This ensures that the product complies with the relevant standards. Where there is no official standard, such as for I-joists, the assessment process is slightly different.

Manufacturers first apply for a European Technical Assessment (ETA) and then an official European Assessment Document (EAD) is created to set the benchmark for product conformity.

For I-joists, it is: EAD 130367-00-0304 – Composite Wood-based Beams and Columns. For the essential requirements set down in the I-joist EAD, see our Factsheet  –  or check out the full EAD

At the moment, the European document is accepted across both geographies as the UK version, the Technical Assessment Document (UK TAD), is still in development. It is expected to be based on the same principles.