US Standards for Wood-Based Panels

APA Guidelines US Standards for Wood-Based Panels

US Standards for Wood-Based Panels

There are two product standards covering the manufacture of US wood-based panel products.  If you have specified a trademarked panel, it will always identify to which US standard it has been manufacturered. 

PS 1-19 covers all structural (loadbearing) use. It includes a quality certification programme for officially designated third party testing agencies to inspect, sample and test plywood panels to ensure factory production control at each mill is functioning correctly.

PS 2-18 is a performance-based standard, setting down structural criteria for assessing the acceptability of plywood, OSB and composite panels for load bearing, sheathing applications in construction such as floors, walls and roofs. It also includes test methods to determine compliance.

  • APA-trademarked plywood panels are covered by PS 1-19 and PS 2-18.
  • APA OSB panels are manufactured to US PS 2-18.

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