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Just a few simple steps will take you to the right standard you need.

Start by indciating the type of user you are. Then, select your engineered wood product and how you want to use it: for floors, walls, roofing or in a non-structural application. For performance characteristics, select ALL or choose one of the options in the drop down list. 

That’s all we need to know to quickly build a list of the key EU and UK constuction standards for that specific product and application.  Also check out our alternative Standards by Category section here.

(BS) CEN/TR 14823:2003

CEN/TR 14823 specifies how to determine the Pentachlorophenol content

(BS) DDCEN/TS 1099 : 2007

Plywood: biological durability – guidance for the assessment of plywood for use in different use classes

(BS) EN 1058:2009

This covers specific engineering values for design ie determining the characteristic five percentile values for mechanical properties and 50 percentile values for physical properties from test data

(BS) EN 1087-1:1995

For a boil test, (BS) EN 1087-1 provides a test method for evaluating OSB bond quality

(BS) EN 1156:2013

This standard specifies how to determine duration of load and creep factors.  Use to determine mechanical durability or take the appropriate modification factors from (BS) EN 1995-1-1

(BS) EN 1195:1998

Specifies two aspects for floor decking: how to determine the strength and stiffness under a point load and separately impact resistance. See also (BS) EN 12871

(BS) EN 120 (withdrawn)

This now withdrawn standard was used to determine formaldehyde content for OSB

(BS) EN 12114:2000

(BS) EN 12114 determination of and how to express the air permeability coefficient

(BS) EN 12369-1:2001

Characteristic values for structural design using OSB


(BS) EN 12369-2:2011

Provides information on the characteristic values for the use of plywood in structural design