Plywood (A-B)

Non-Structural Grade Specifications


 Durability: US panels are available in two classifications: Exterior – equivalent to (BS) EN 314 Bond Class 3 or Exposure 1 (always includes D veneer) – Bond Class 2
Veneer: Face A; Inner C; Back B;
Span rating/support spacing and designated loading: Span rating not applicable
Thickness: 5.9mm(1/4) / 7.9mm(5/16) / 8.7mm(11/32) / 11.1mm(7/16) / 11.9mm(15/32) / 14.3mm(9/16)/15.1mm(5/8) / 17.4mm(11/16) 18.2mm(23/32)
Sanded/unsanded:  Sanded two sides
General Info: Provides two solid sanded surfaces for applications where appearance of one side is less important such as wall lining, high appearance hoarding, shelving and cabinets


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