Plywood (A-C Graded)

Concrete Form Grade Specifications


Durability: Exterior -equivalent to (BS) EN 314 Bond Class 3
Veneer: Face A, Inner C, Back C
Reuse options:
Thickness: 5.9mm(1/4) / 7.9mm(5/16) / 8.7mm(11/32) / 11.1mm(7/16) / 11.9mm(15/32) / 14.3mm(9/16) / 15.1mm(5/8) / 17.4mm(11/16) / 18.2mm(23/32)
General Info: Regular plywood grade with A face veneer. Suitable for concrete formwork even though not specifically manufactured for that purpose. Provides one smooth, solid face. Does not have an oiled surface as standard so needs to be specified and coordinated with manufacturer
Sanded or unsanded: Face sanded


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