Plywood (C-C) Plugged Not Rated

Non-Structural Grade Specifications


 Durability: Exterior -equivalent to (BS) EN 314 Bond Class 3
Veneer: Face C plugged; Inner C; Back C
Span rating/support spacing and designated loading: Span rating not applicable
Thickness: 8.7mm(11/32) / 11.1mm(7/16) / 14.3mm(9/16) / 15.1mm95/8) / 17.4mm(11/16) / 18.2mm(23/32)
Sanded/unsanded: Only touch sanding needed for sizing to make panel thickness more uniform
General Info: Provides smooth surface for applications of carpet with high impact and concentrated load resistance. For floor decking, refrigerated storage rooms, pallet bins, railcar and lorry floors and lining of their cargo areas


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