Non-Structural Grade Specifications


 Durability: Exposure 1 (always has a D grade veneer) – equivalent to (BS) EN 314 Bond Class 3
Veneer: Face C plugged, Inner D; Back D. Exposure 1
Span rating/support spacing and designated loading: Span rating not applicable
Thickness: 8.2mm(11/323) / 12.2mm(1/2) / 14.7mm(19/32) / 15.5mm(5/8) / 17.8mm(23/32) / 18.6mm(3/4)
Sanded/unsanded: Only touch sanding needed for sizing to make panel thickness more uniform
General Info: For built-in storage units, walls and ceilings tile backing, cable reels, separator boards and other interior or protected applications. Not for form work. Lacks the required puncture resistance for use as flooring


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