Support Spacing & Allowable Live Load Options: 11.5mm & 12.3mm Panels

 Durability: US panels are available in two classifications: Exterior – equivalent to (BS) EN 314 Bond Class 3 or Exposure 1 (always includes D veneer) – Bond Class 2
Veneer: Mix of veneer grades used
Span rating/support spacing/allowable live load: Maximum support spacing is 812mm (32/16 on panel) with edge support for recommended allowable live load of 146 kg/m2 (30 lbs/sq.ft), without edge support 711mm (28″)
Thickness/US Performance Category*: 11.5mm(15/32*) / 12.3mm(1/2)
Sanded/unsanded: Unsanded only
General Info: Specifically designed for subflooring, wall and roof sheathing. Also for shipping crates, pallet bins & a broad range of other construction and industrial applications


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