Floor Grade Specifications


 Durability: US panels are available in two classifications: Exterior – equivalent to (BS) EN 314 Bond Class 3 or Exposure 1 (always includes D veneer) – Bond Class 2
Veneer: Face C plugged; Inner C; Back C.
Span rating/support spacing and designated loading: Maximum support spacing is 609mm (24oc on panel) for recommended allowable live load 488 kg/m2 (100 lbs/sq.ft)
Thickness: 15.4mm(5/8) / 17.8mm(23/32) / 18.6mm(3/4)
Sanded/unsanded: Only touch sanding needed for sizing to make panel thickness more uniform
General Info: Specially designed floor panel with smooth surface for carpet and high impact and concentrated load resistance. Available with square or tongue and grooved edges. Normally touch sanded. Also available with sanded face


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