Dedicated to the European construction Industry

Working with US engineered wood products

This technical resource is your starting point for specifying plywood, OSB or LVL for UK and EU structural applications.

APA – The Engineered Wood Association is a world authority on engineered wood. We pride ourselves on our quality control, production standards and commitment to green building. Founded in 1933, we are a non-profit trade association with headquarters in Tacoma, Washington, USA. Member mills manufacture most of North America’s engineered wood products. Our trademark indicates that a product has undergone the strictest quality inspection and testing for a specific use.

Case Studies

Check out the new interactive Specification Tool which helps you select the right plywood grade for an application such as floors, walls, roofing or concrete form work. It provides information from thicknesses and span rating advice to bond durability, enabling you to quickly compare grades and their specific properties.  The plywood tool will be followed by OSB shortly.
Structural products in the EU and UK have to comply with specific standards. Just select your product, application and performance characteristics and Find your Standard tells you what they are. The new tool also tells you the testing requirements carried out by US manufacturers so their products qualify for the CE, UKCA or UKNI mark of approval. Check for standards under review >