Overlaid: HDO PLYFORM, CLASS 1 grade

Panel Veneers (Face B or better, Inner C, Back B or better): Thickness Options

Durability: Exterior grade (equivalent to (BS) EN 314 Bond Class 3)
Veneer/strength grading:

Face B or better, Inner C, Back B or better

Class 1 Plyform uses the strongest wood species (Group 1) for its face veneer for strength & stiffness

Re-use: Normally produces 20 to 50 pours or more (can reach up to 200 depending on use)
Thickness/US Performance Category*: 15.1mm(19/32*) / 15.9mm(5/8) / 17.5mm(11/16) / 18.3mm(23/32) / 19.1mm(3/4)
General Info: All classes of HDO Plyform have a hard, semi-opaque surface of thermosetting phenolic resin-impregnated material that forms a durable, continuous bond with the plywood. Creates a near polished concrete surface.  HDO is specified when finish must be as smooth as possible
Additional Info: Smooth surface resists abrasion but not suitable for use both sides


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